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Club meeting information and recaps
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Postby Ravershak » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:03 pm

Thanks once again to Jason Goldstein and Icarus Brewing Co.for being hosting our August meeting. Sorry I missed the presentation on water and brewing. Thanks Brian Fischer for facilitating and doing a great job of updating the minutes.
Our next meeting is confirmed for Tuesday, 9/12 7:30 at Manafirkin Brewing in Manahawkin. First time there so we are looking forward to it! We actually have 2 meetings in September as our competition will be at Icarus on 9/26 so anyone with an entry must bring it to the meeting 9/12. Please review previous posts for rules of the American Porter competition. Top 3 are our representatives.
Thanks everyone!

Posts: 63
Joined: Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:30 pm
Location: Barnegat


Postby Ravershak » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:02 pm

Good evening, all thank you so much for a ROUSING exciting meeting! Thanks to our gracious hosts the gang from ManaFirkin Brewing Company, it was a pleasure to visit!
I hope everyone enjoyed the wings, dips and food (special thanks to the FLOTBA, my wife).
Congratulations to our 3 winning entries from MARK, CHRIS Christopher Niedzwiecki, Mark Olivier and David Menges.
Great job and definitely formidable entries for our competition with MCHBA! Thanks also to everyone else who submitted an entry, Roger, Matt, Ashley, Bob, Chris S, Kevin and Mike. Your entries certainly made the judges job more difficult. Lastly thanks to our judges, Brian, Sean and Donn, Todd, Mike and the Manfirkin crew. They were serious, intense and did a great job!
I will be meeting Vince from MCHBA tomorrow night at Icarus to collect, label and put the entries under lock and key as well as finalize the competition. The BATTLE OF THE BREWERS (Maybe it'll catch on...) is Tuesday, 9/26 at Icarus. All members are invited and we are the HOME TEAM so let's support our champions!
Because of the competition we didn't have a lengthly discussion of club
We are officially covered as of 9/1. I submitted a roster to the insurance company with membership as of that day. We are at 21 paid members, I gave them a number at 25, so as we add members I will discuss premium with them. It was $3.50 per member.
Chris S checked into brewery tour and bus trips as a club. There are several options, and Chris will update on this page in writing.
We currently have $302.50 (after insurance payment) with 20 fully paid members and 1 half paid. If you are not sure if you are up to date on dues, I have a spread sheet so message me and I will let you know.
Tuesday, 10/10. I am shooting for Last Wave in Point Beach, haven't heard back from them yet.
Thanks again, everyone. Hope to see you on 9/26!