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August Meeting Minutes

Club meeting information and recaps
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August Meeting Minutes

Postby B2Fisch » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:01 pm

August Meeting Minutes (8/8/2017)
Educational lesson by Jason on Bru’n Water to explain the importance of understanding and balancing water profile for different beer styles.
New Members:
Charlie Podesta
Dues paid:
Steve $20
Cathy $20
Next meeting planned (tentative) for Manafurkin Brewing on Sept 12.
Next meeting will be the internal competition to pick the best 3 Porters for the Ocean vs Monmouth county competition.
Porter Competition:
-Need to get Imperial Red into barrel, remove stout for carbing. Mike Mooney to pick date to fill
3rd Use for Stout/ Belgian beer: Sour to be brewed at mikes (1 large batch).
Check with Justin about bug guy.
New club business cards to be paid with dues
Club activity:
Bus trip to several breweries. Plan for ~26 people, 10 hours. Cape May?
Bus Trip Task Force:
Chris S
Sean D (bus hook up)
Brewers Ball:
End of February (Silverton Fire Dept?)
Task Force:

Big Brew Day at Icarus: Sometime early Spring. Brewing one big batch (310 gal min) of wort at Icarus. Split and either boil/ hop separately OR split after cooling for yeast experiment. (may be issues with cooling several small batches)
Kevin to lead efforts
Bulk Grain Buy
Start list next meeting for grain buy.
Full bags of malt. Coordinate between members to split specialty malts
AC Beer Fest in March 2018. (keep on radar) possibly coordinate car pools, hotels