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BILL A-4602

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BILL A-4602

Postby Ravershak » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:19 pm

In the event you don't have FB, please see below, from Icarus and other craft breweries in the state in support of Bill A-4602.

lp. Help changing the backward laws that hurt Breweries across New Jersey. Help us out by contacting your legislators and letting them know that you support your local Breweries. Help us move New Jersey into the 21st Century and get rid of these backward regulations that hurt more than they help. Make sure to let your friends/family/coworkers/drinking buds know they need to let their legislators know as well.
On Monday June 19, the NJ Regulatory Oversight Committee will be considering a bill to remove the mandatory tour requirement and allow the sale of light snacks at breweries in NJ. This bill will give us parity with wineries and the new mead and hard cider licensees in the state. This is an important piece of legislation for the brewery industry, and your voice is critical to making this happen.
Between today (6/15) and tomorrow (6/16) we ask that you send the following by email to ALL the members of the committee (emails listed below). Please be sure to change the last line (IN CAPS) to add your name and twp/city.
Member email addresses;
In addition to emailing, please take the time to call the legislative offices today and Friday. Communication from the public has proven to be very effective in driving legislative change. Callers only need to give their name, town/city of residency and state they support A-4602 eliminating mandatory tours at breweries. It only takes a few minutes to have your voices heard.
Assm Brown (609) 677-8266
Assm Gusciora (609) 571-9638
Assm Tucker (973) 926-4320
Assm Rumpf (609) 693-6700
Assm Wimberly (973) 925-7061
Dear Chairman Gusciora and Members of the Regulatory Oversight Committee,
I am writing you today as a voter and craft beer consumer to express my support for A-4602 (Lampitt/Singleton/DeAngelo) which removes the requirement that limited licensed breweries provide tours for consumers and permits certain food consumption on premises. I ask that you please vote in favor of this bill on Monday June 19th.
The intent of this legislation is to afford New Jersey breweries a meaningful level of parity with other in-state craft alcohol producers, as well as craft breweries nationwide, in the areas of food availability and tour requirements. Nationwide, New Jersey is the only state that currently requires a mandatory tour of a licensed brewery before allowing a consumer to purchase beer for either onsite or offsite consumption. This puts New Jersey at a competitive disadvantage to our neighboring states. While many breweries may still offer a voluntary tour to their customers if this bill is passed, I believe that mandatory tour requirements are not workable, especially when beer production and packaging is often taking place in close quarters.
Regarding the issue of food and snacks at a brewery, most states explicitly allow the sale or free offering of food, with some, like Pennsylvania, requiring food be available at a brewery if beer is being sold for on premises consumption. In New Jersey, both classes of winery license, plenary winery and farm winery, have no tour requirement and have no prohibition regarding the sale or free offering of any types of food, including light snacks, and allow restaurants to be operated on a winery’s licensed premise. Also, bi-partisan legislation recently signed into law in May 2017 (A-3351 / S-2570, PL 2017, c. 80) creating a state license to manufacture mead and hard cider, contains no tour requirement and allows for the sale and/or gratuitous offering of “light snacks”. A-4602 mirrors the provisions of this new mead and hard cider license.
Thank you for allowing me to express my support for A-4602, and for your consideration of my request to post the legislation for a vote in your committee this month.