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Hybrid Style Thoughts

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Hybrid Style Thoughts

Postby Shorebrew » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:50 am

Hey guys,

I forgot to bring it up last night, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on brewing a sort of hybrid NEIPA/American Wheat for a bbq with non craft drinkers (cough-blue moon-cough).

I'm thinking like 35% pale, 35% red wheat, 15% vienna or munich (or honey 150%), and 15% flaked oats. Hops would be all late addition/dry hop citra and mosaic to keep the ibus <30. I'm also thinking of experimenting with WLP644 to further add to the drinkability. I usually add some Gypsum to up the sulfate and lower pH.

Has anyone attempted this or something similar? I only have 1 NEIPA under my belt and it turned out great.