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Postby Ravershak » Sat May 20, 2017 10:22 am

AHA REGISTRATION AND INSURANCE... We are now officially registered with the AHA as Ocean County Homebrewers Association If you go to the AHA website and click find a club for NJ, we are the first one listed because we are that special (and because I put Barnegat as the location....If someone from Andover starts a club we are knocked down a peg).
Link will bring people to the current forum website which says Ocean County Home Brew Club. I also submitted an application for insurance which will be $3.50 per member (although it is a master group policy, so renews every September, so I think our charge will only be $1.75 per member) I entered for 25 members, so next meeting I'd like to get an official roster and I think we decided that would come from the $20 dues money (thanks Mike Mooney for being the first dues paying member).